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Step How To Increase Your Blog Traffic

Learn seo and learning to bring it to the blog traffik need perseverance, this may be, many questions: how ya How To Increase Traffic Blog / website, if you are a blogger or a website owner, you definitely want more traffic to a blog or your website is. You may often seek out information on the internet about how I Increase Traffic To Your Blog / Website you. On this paper I will be explaining the 75 How To Improve the Traffik blog / your website. List is different from the others because the simple, original and unique ideas. If you want to search for people to see the website / blog you are, you're reading the right article.

All of 75 How To Increase Traffic Blog / website I believe this can work well for the site / your blog. Here are 75 ways are:

1. Write contain more. If you want traffic, you must write contain. People do not akan charcoal-site you visit if you do not contain the good writing, interesting & quality, and new visitors will not return to your blog. So keep posting the interesting writing.
2. Design & layout is good. If your site design disorganized, difficult to navigate, or the color does not match the vision (glare), also full atao error, visitors certainly will not stand for long time on diblog you.
3. Use your own domain name. I believe that if you have your own domain name will be more traffic. Site by you will be more people & more people will be easy to remember the URL of your blog & you will seem more professional. Try to get your own domain name & "have it from the start." (Until this paper dipost not use my own domain alone, he he he ...)
4. Use StumbleUpon. I have success with pangalaman StumbleUpon. When a good article from your blog in the "StumbleUpon", many people will be expected to assess both your blog and akan "mengstumbling upon" your blog.
5. Post on another blog. Offer any posts to other people for dipost own blog. Even better, when any posts are ready dipost. Leave a blogger is that you have the text ready for the post on the blog, if mekera agree. When you write an article for the blog dipost other people, look at your blog post that you relefan & buatlan link to post it. You get a link on their blog & get traffic from here.
6. Start the "Tagging" diblog your image. When you insert the image dipostingan you, you should always give the identity (tagged). Make sure the size of the image width and height you know. But the most important keywords is write the image tags in the "alt" & "title". Example: img src = alt = "Tortoise Shell Mix Kitten in Sink" title = "Tortoise Shell Kitten Mix in Sink "height =" 300? width = "350?. For more information, click here.
7. Immediate response commentar & email. People will love the blog owner interaktiv & commentar who responded immediately and incoming email. If you do this will be many readers who will be loyal and love you & you will get traffic and more links.
8. Use MyBlogLog. Signup to join MyBlogLog & communities to all MyBlogLog (max. 15 communities per day), and you will see akan visitor came to your blog from MyBlogLog.
9. Do not waste your time. Do not waste your time with program2 of money, such as PTC, PTR, Pay to surf, pay to search or the like. Such a program will not only akan apa2 but a waste of your time. Write contain high quality & traffic will come by itself.
10. Watch and learn the statistics you. Learn statistical Analitic you and google. See what keywords visitors used to find your blog & what the article is not liked or liked your blog readers. This will help you determine your next any posts that can be popular with the keyword disisipi & effective.
11. Links to other potingan. When you link to another blog on potingan, and it will create a Trackback, or pingback. When you ngelink posting to other blogs, if they have a Trackback is enabled then you will receive a linkback at the comments you post a link.
12. In the posting you, ask the readers of your blog a few questions. Readers will be pleased if deemed important & most of them will be happy to exchange opinions. If the next time you make any posts should ask readers a question, or their opinions on things. Then you will get lots of comments and visitor akan much like to return.
13. Create a "Lens" on Squidoo. On Squidoo, you can create a "lens" you own, also aka & page on their site. Create a "lens" that relate to your blog and make sure you mengelinkannya with your blog. On Squidoo you can also make money. click here to learn more.
14. Comment on other blogs. When you log in to comment another 99.9% have box where you can write your blog URL address. Someone from here when you see a comment that they can click the URL of your blog. Give comments on the blog that is different as much as possible, the more you give the comment much traffic you get.
15. Write Post List. All people like akan list posting. Post this list contains poting the potingan-ngelink to another posting. For example: "Top 10 Blog Themes" ' "25 Uses for Vinegar", & "5 Helpful Website Tools". List posting ngelink usually to more potingan & can get more traffic from the regular posting.
16. Submit your blog to search engines. Many of the majority trafficnya obtained from search engines. When people search for the keyword you and find your site, you will get traffic! Click here to submit your blog's index by google that if you had not done so, and remember to keep writing in order to contain the new blog you still have a rank on search engines.
17. Complicated cooperation with other bloggers. Develop cooperation with all the other bloggers who blog, especially in line with your blog. Please comment on their blog a conversation, a link with their complicated friendship &. And before you know they will mengelink blog that you would bring traffic to your blog.
18. Use Traffic Exchange. I'm not sure you will be exposed to penalty from adsense if you use traffic exchange. Traffic exchange will bring the readers a loyal blog if you get good enough next to the traffic that development. See the post on BlogMad traffic exchange.
19. Link to your other posting as much as you can. Internally potingan link to your blog. This will help your blog ranking and will also help traffic. If people come to your blog does not have the option to see more they will go away. When you post your ngeling to another akan They click a link and you will remain on your blog longer.
20. Sign up for Yahoo! Answer. At Yahoo you can answer the questions of others & help others. There are boxes where you can write down the source of your answer. Answer the questions and have a link to your blog as the source.
21. Sign up your blog in the top blog list. Blog top list is a blog of me listing all the blogs that a member on the blog. Blog you will be in a higher rank if you have more traffic, more & more good visitor. Joinnya very simple way, plus how this will be able to add traffic. Click here to see some blogs TOPlist (the world) that you can join & learn more.
22. Submit site to directory. Some of the hundreds of directory melisting site, & a few thousands. Blacklink of the directory is good, but traffic from the directory is only a small tric, even almost no results. Nevertheless submit the name of your site using the keywords you will be able to more tinngi ranking in Google for the keyword, which will mean more traffic.
23. Do not Use Link Train. This is not directly related to traffic, but this is of note. I never make the mistake of joining in ViraLink and ViralTags, and you should not do that, but if the readers like you & they read your blog longer.
24. Re-read, edit and continue posting your article. No one will want me posting a link that is not qualified, even though potingan was a brilliant idea that if full of spelling and grammatical wrong. There is no link that means no traffic.
25. Submit your posting to the blog carnival. Visit the Blog Carnival website and submit as many articles to the carnival you related your niche. When the carnival edition of the article you submit a post, not only you will be able to linkback, but you will get more visitor to your blog. If you do not understand what a blog carnival please review here.
26. Pertahankan your blog carnival. According to my blog carnival is fun to be. People will submit their articles to the carnival you, & almost all orang2 edition of this carnival will be visiting you to see their link there. Carnival and you can also become a major show on the homepage & Blog Carnival website.
27. Link exchange with other site dilingkungan you. In exchange for any link is made, either in the sidebar on every page of site, in the page site, or posting it up on you. Link exchange with other people who have a related blog will help a lot. Site and when they become so large akan more help.

28. Use Feedburner to subscribe people to your blog. When a blog you subscribe via RSS or get your blog updates via email, they will see the posting when you have a new one. This will be vital to keep the readers keep in touch with your blog & draw them back.

29. Use Youtube. Create an account on youtube, and then on your profile you will be able to melist alamat2 your website. List your blog address in there & start a video. When someone view your profile it is likely you will click on the blog.

30. Have a blog more for a link. Bangunlan a good relation ship before you ask something. Make sure you link them first dipostingan you. Before you do this please and abaca "Kumiko's post". If you get a lot of blog links will not only raise your page rank, but also will get a lot of traffic.
31. Use Techorati tags. Get more in the category Techorati means you'll get more Expose, which means getting more traffic. If you want to know more about Techorati please visit the Court's post.

32. Write about celebrity. No matter what you blog, you will be able to know how to adjust to the topic you blog about celebriti. For example, 6 Lessons Britney Spears Can Teach You About Blogging. People will find info about celebriti each time and the gossip about them. Lipatgandakan traffic you get when you gossip about a celebriti after something that is going on celebriti. For example, such as shaving the hair on their birthdays their children, their marriage or the death of them.

33. Encourage readers to "Digg" your article. Digg is a site that collects the vote on the article. In other words, readers like it or not these articles. Blogger akan your friend with the voluntary "Digg" the article if you ask politely with, or better add the Digg button at the bottom of all your posting. Make sure articles get your answer if the post & Digg are good enough they will get thousands of visitor each day.

34. Get the "plugins" to the Social Bookmarking site. On each blog article is often found that the key line mempersilahkan readers to vote and submit articles to social Bookmarking site (Digg, Reddit, Netscape, or other). Antisocial use my own plugin. If you implement your plugin this article you will tersubmit to social Bookmarking site which means more traffic.

35. Link to "A-listers." This technique is used to request the A-lister for a link or coax them to provide a link to you. The more you link to the A-listers and probloggers the more likely they know you, then perhaps they will link to articles that will give you lots of traffic to your blog.

36. Write a post pillar. Pilar post not only a list post. Pillar post merupaka core of your blog. Potingan is usually long, authoritative, & instructional. Pilar post requires a long time to write. You must link to a pillar post in the blog as much as possible & make sure you get the attention pillar post terbanyak. Pilar post will get many links & bring lots of traffic.

37. When the time comes, write about it. When Easter, Lebaran, Thanksgiving, Chrismas, or holidays / celebrations others arrive, make a post about it a month earlier. Make sure your posting & terindex linked. When the day arrived, it is possible to search by many people & blogs you might be found.

38. Use smart URLs in WordPress. If you use wordpress and use the URL they are messy, you should use this plugin to switch the URL including the date and name of post in the link. using the plugin will not be a statistical search engine that you or the other.

39. Create your blog visitors to feel as at home. If you are someone who is not complacent, never give anything to the readers of your blog, not a comment or email, do not help another blogger, or cynical and does not always make the readers feel like your blog into the home of their own, then most likely they will stop for visiting your blog. But if you make them yourself at home as you will get lots of traffic.

40. Be human, not robots. If in all poting you always just off the extrim business, for example, do not show yourself, just talking about the same thing every time, or 100% perfect, it just makes them menjauh. I do not intend you to mangatakan always polite, talk about yourself all the time, melenceng from your topic, or make many errors. But let your readers know that you also like them, that you are also human being. Do not make your blog boring.

41. Remove the ads from your blog. To improve traffic hilangkanlah ads. When you do not have a way to get money from your blog, you will feel pity, but believe that you will get traffic and loyal readers of the blog if you are qualified. And if it is possible you can install again to start the meraup money.

42. Start to create your own blog directory. Make a blog directory, for example, in the miserably. When you first create a directory, make a link with all the free and get a link submit form, the submission will send you an email. You can do a weekly / daily depending on the link sent to you, or you can assign the link to the "proper Categoies" provided. When your blog has become a major, you can submit a Demand "reciprocal link" & akan get "featured site table" that ngelink to your blog.

43. Post about A-listers. For example on blogger Darren Rowse and John Chow. You can write about them as personal or as a blogger, or you can write about how they do things. You can mempost your mind about that or katakana they develop and then posting them to leave a message dipostingan them that you also have done the same thing.

44. Interview other bloggers. Interview other bloggers will usually give a few posts & links. Means that the traffic link.

45. Make posting links that tune. I try to make me post the link like 2 times every week. This is only potingan link to the article in the blogosphere or the web that I like, especially with the theme of relefan my blog. This will not only get a Trackback, but will also give you the opportunity to get a link back medapatkan which means traffic.

46. Make berhadiah contest. This is a good idea. Make a contest with a prize. People who will follow your blog in the hope that will win prizes. If you give a gift that will surely attract beritanga spread, but first make sure that the previous blog that you have many loyal readers.

47. Play puralah sell your blog. This is one way to get traffic, but I do not merekomendasikannya. You can pay a few dollars to your blog in melist marketplace & get traffic from potential buyers. Then cancel bidding and keep your blog. There will be no traffic from that you will return. This is not a target and will only waste money. But if you just want to get traffic right way this can be tested.

48. Be comedian. Make visitors laugh. This is difficult so easy. If you can make your visitors happy and laughing they will remember your blog & will tell others about your blog & will be back again.

49. Help bloggers who need you. If there is a beginner blogger who leave your comments or email them help. Who is a time they will be great, & will always remember your goodness.

50. Make a poll on your blog. People like voting & always want to see the results of a poll. Polling is a popular & will bring traffic.

51. Create a new blog. If you still can make it better with a new blog, be it free or at hosingan your own domain. Whatever you want to try every traffic blog you have, and make sure that all your blog ngelink against the other, especially blogs that have a small link in the blog by the greater. It is expected that anyone who read one of your blog can be introduced to your blog the other.

52. Create a wordpress plugin or hack. Okay, this is only for the pitar "nge-hack" or create a wordpress plugin. I have never done so. But if you can, you will get many links & traffic of all the plugins you use.

53. Make a blog themes (wordpress, blogspot, or whatever). As well as create a plugin, traffic will come along with the link. Even create a blog theme from making it easier plugin or learn seo.

54. Create an image that can be used by other people. If you create an image that's free, you can use other people to their blog, you will get traffic from here. And if you create a professional image, you can get additional money from here.

55. Create images for social networking site. People who use Myspace, facebook, and all site types like to use this image. Banner color, animated images, flash image, making this if they will use, Place your link there.

56. Join in and get a lot of Myspace friends. Myspace klicklah join in the "browse" and add people. If you already have many friends make a link to your blog on the bulletin and in your profile or wherever you can. This will get the traffic if you do it correctly.

57. Answer the questions that you get from a comment or email with a post. If someone give a comment or question and the answer is quite long, Do not waste your time with a link to answer the potingan you. If posting about things that have not yet, make a posting about it.

58. Do Search Engine Optimization. The better your ranking on search engines then the more akan akan visitor that they send.

59. Buatlan a serial award / awards. Take your time to make a trophy or banner for an award or awards. Make sure that the award has a theme or name, for example, "Tropy Award For Best Blogger". Then linkkan banner to 5 other bloggers that you think best. Create a rule that the fifth blogger is to do the same with the banner, the link with five other bloggers who according to their best. Make sure the banner is there in your link as a banner. If this goes then there will be many linkback to your blog & you'll receive a lot of traffic.

60. Order review through ReviewMe. If you order a review on another blog with ReviewMe or PayPerPost many people will read about your blog. Review is the best way to advertise your blog to get your faithful readers.

61. Place an ad on Google Adwords. If you have more money does not have one you buy ads on Google Adwords. Those who are interested will click your ads. Some of them will become a faithful reader mungin and some do not. This is a good way to get traffic.

62. Use ReviewBack to get a free review. You will get a free review here, is useful to get traffic. Check in ReviewBack.

63. Write a Press Release. Click here to find out how bagainama.

64. Get in the Favorites list Techorati. Tachorati top 100 list favorited reviewed here. Will be very difficult to get, you need like a few hundred or even several thousand if you want to be at the top list. But this will generate lots of traffic if you do it successfully.

65. Join & forums and message board. Join the forum and message board that are relevant to the theme of your blog. If allowed to link your blog where you can. People will be happy to see mengecheck your blog.

66. Add your blog link in forum signatures. Ideas, but only if allowed to remain. Add your link in forum signatures and aktiflah communicate. Your link will appear on your every post. You will get a traffic bearable if many forum members.

67. Write a post with the title, interesting & easy to remember the keyword. Posting with the title of this interesting & easy to remember will usually get more traffic, especially if the keyword. You will get ranked on search engines, and if someone link to the article you have keywords you will get a better ranking and will get more traffic from google, yahoo, or the other.

68. Use the picture on your posting. If the posting is only a text postigan will quickly become boring. Images also are useful for SEO, if someone searches for images in search engines. But I recommend using only 1 image per post, so that confusion does not occur in the search engine.

69. Write a review. If you make a good review of a product, it will come to the attention of people who are interested to the product. Make a review of a product that more digandrungi at this time.

70. Create a better quality of any posts. If the articles that you have in Digg or StumbleUpon by the readers of your blog, postinglah article is more interesting and better quality. Let your blog visitors to a blog that you are a quality blog and they will come back.

71. Post about the important events related to your blog. If something important event that matches the theme of your blog will come, write about it a month before the event arrives, give the opportunity for the search engines you mengindext article. And if the event that you will be able to arrive traffic from people searching for articles about the event.

72. Share your secret with the readers of your blog. Whether it your business success secret, confidential or secret seo learn of your life people will know about it and happy will not be antipati against you.

73. Be of the other. Build the image and do something different that other people have never done so. You will get the thanks you get for the reader something new. Your name will be remembered for a long time, but not forever. Muncullah with a new concept that other people have never done so.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Bali Panorama

Most people come to Bali to experience the marvelously rich culture heritage; some come for the beaches and the waves; some come for meeting and convention; others for pure relaxation. But if you are a nature lover don’t miss Jatiluwih, is a breathtaking panorama of genuine and fertile rice fields stretch from the foothills of Batukaru volcano to the south coast.

It is located at the western district of Tabanan. This western uplands of Batukaru are famed for magnificent landscapes. The view from the mountain village, Jatiluwih, takes in the whole of South Bali. Perched on a high terraced slope, Jatiluwih deserves its name, which means “Truly Marvelous”. A wonder of the world. It’s worth a venture.

You can initiate your trip in the morning leaving the hotel at 09.00. A.M. There are many ways to see Bali and each serves its own purpose well. Motorcycles are a pleasant (but extremely risky) way to see the countryside and cooler than ride in a car. Jeep and minivans are also available for hire – with or without a driver. It is advisable to settle the price with the driver before starting on a journey.

After passing the town of Tabanan the road takes you to the north through the villages of Wanasari, Jegu, Buruan and Wangaya Gede. On the route you will be amazed by the wonderful rural ambience; farmhouses, characteristically, a little shrine to place offerings dedicated to Dewi Sri the Goddess of rice, plowing, flocks of ducks that are brought to bathe and feed all day in the flooded paddies, and harvesting, that one pictures when remembering Bali. The cascading terraces of rice fields are the most striking features of the landscape.

If you see farmers are working the rice, planting or harvesting, and if you are interested in experience it, you can stop and joint them, you will be welcomed gladly. “Alo turis, alo turis!” followed by giggles is the standard greeting from children everywhere on Bali. Older people will be more sedate but their curious eyes will follow you, as will their more modest greeting of “mau kemana” (where are you going). Traveling in Bali can be exhilarating and getting off the beaten track can take you right to the heart of Balinese life, although you don’t have to stray far to feel it.

On the route at the village of Wanasari there is a butterflies park, you can stop and watch various kinds of colorful tropical butterflies. And then nearby the temple Pura Luhur is the holy spring of Air Panas, where hot water surges from the river bank. All strange, natural phenomena are believed to be frequented by spirits. Thus, Air Panas is graced by a small temple where people make their prayers with offerings.

The journey continues up the road until it dead ends at Pura Luhur Batukaru (2,278 m / 7,474 ft). Being one of Bali’s most venerated temples, every West Balinese temple has a shrine dedicated to it; it is isolated within its solitary clearing far above the populated farmlands. The dense rainforest of this upland would invite every adventurer to explore it. Wild orchids, healing herbs, fragrant spices and exotic trees could be discovered in this mystical heart and soul of this amazing island.

Then, the last destination (the goal of the journey) is the mountain village Jatiluwih, a breathtaking panorama of genuine and the most fertile terraces rice fields on the island. It is said as the granary of the whole Bali. Perched on a high terraced slope, Jatiluwih deserves its name, which means “Truly Marvelous”. The cascading terraces of rice fields are the most striking features of the landscape. Stretch from the foothill of Batukaru volcano to the south coast. The cool western uplands, overlooking half the island, offer magnificent views.

On the route to Jatiluwih you can observe many kinds of tropical vegetation; coffee, coconuts, cacaos, cloves, jack fruits, bananas, papayas, sirsaks, an extremely juicy fruit, rambutans, mangoes, durians the smelly fruit, etc. The western upland is the most interesting area to hike. If you love hiking (don’t forget your picnic basket). A true journey to the secret soul of Bali. But if you want to have your meals at a restaurant, continue your travel to the east till you arrive at Pacung, there is a good restaurant offers delicious buffet lunch – with its wonderful sight of terraces rice field and the sacred volcano Batukaru in the distance.

Waka Land Cruise a reputable company has been organizing a sacred adventure to the secret soul of Bali. Travel by legendary luxury Land Rover, on tiny country roads and tracks, through terraced rice fields and untouched rainforest to the real heart of Bali.

So keep in mind the beautiful Bali for your holiday, because it would be worth to venture there.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Hotel Lovina Bali

Aditya Beach Bungalows US$ 36/r/n Bungalow consist of Deluxe sea view cottage, Superior Garden view and standard main building. Each room at Aditya Beach Bungalow is equipped with air condition, private verandah, overlooking the sea
Adhirama Hotel US$ 35/r/n 20 spacious and comfortable rooms offer the luxurious amenities including splendid views, king size bed or twin beds, AC or fans, private bathrooms, hot and cold shower
Aneka Bagus Pemutaran US$ 40/r/n fully equipped with air conditioning, IDD phone, mini bar, hair dryer, hot and cold running water, bath tub, out door shower (in villa only), Color TV, Private safe deposit box
Aneka Lovina Hotel US$ 40/r/n 35 villas and 24 standard rooms with Balinese style. Each room at Aneka Lovina Hotel is fully equipped with air conditioned, private bath (tub and shower)
Bali Lovina Hotel US$ 30/r/n air conditioned, private bathroom with bath tub and shower, hot and cold running water, IDD phone, safety box, Color TV, Video/VCD player, hair dryer, mini bar, terrace, balcony
Bali Taman Hotel Lovina US$ 30/r/n 30 rooms in standard, cottages and 2 suites. All rooms at Bali Taman Hotel featuring air condition, IDD telephone, Color TV, mini bar, refrigerator, hot and cold running water
Celuk Agung Hotel US$ 28/r/n 27 rooms in category of Superior, Suites and Balinese Bungalows. Each room at Celuk Agung Hotel is equipped with air condition, private balcony
Damai Hotel US$ 175/r/n 8 bungalows, in Balinese traditional Balinese style with luxury. Antiquities, teak furniture, textile with re-created Indonesian pattern
Jepun Bali Hotel US$ 80/r/n 34 exquisitely decorated and furnished deluxe room (45 square meters) teak furniture, tiled in cool marble and polished granite bathroom
Kalaspa Hotel US$ 105/r/n 6 private and 2 family Villas hidden among the threes of rain forest, located at the height of more than 1200 meters above sea level
Matahari Beach Resort US$ 217/r/n Large swimming pool (23 m x 11 m) has a depth of 1 to 3 m, Boutique, conference room, gallery, open stage, Massage pavilion, David's dive sport center, Balinese art pavilion
Mimpi Resort Hotel US$ 85/r/n Surrounded by tropical flora and fauna, the spacious ground is connected by pathways leading to luxury and privacy of the courtyard villas
Puri Bagus Lovina Hotel US$ 95/r/n 40 spacious villas, first luxury hotel in the area, in traditional Balinese style thatched roofs, zoo beach front
Puri Lumbung Hotel US$ 65/r/n around 1000 meters above sea level. Puri Lumbung Cottages is a real Bali hotel style with materials taken from local sources to give strong impression of Bali hotel
Sunari Bali Hotel US$ 50/r/n 129 rooms in 19 standards, 77 superior, 25 deluxe cottages, 5 villa with pool, 3 deluxe villas and President Suite
Taman Sari Bali Cottages US$ 40/r/n around 10 minutes drive to West Bali National Park and the peer of boats for sailing to famous diving site of Menjangan island
Taman Selini Beach Bungalows US$ 75/r/n around 10 minutes drive to West Bali Barat National Park and the peer of boats for sailing to popular menjangan diving site.
Waka Shorea Resort US$ 153/r/n 12 Bungalows, 1 Villa of 1-bedroom (1 living room-converts to bedroom), 1 open traditional pavilion

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Bali Global Business

Global Business Calls for New Climate Change Framework
Bali, 13 December 2007 - "There is a real sense of urgency now," said Bjorn Stigson, President of World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) at the Bali Global Business Day on Monday. "Regulators need to come up with a clear policy framework, which can then 'guide the investment decisions by businesses', and within which businesses can then 'do the right thing'"
"There is an urgency to act and define a new global policy framework post 2012 to guide long-term investments in technology and infrastructure"
"The private sector is the major source of innovation, technology and investments that can transform the global energy system. We are making investment decisions that will impact the climate issue for 20, 30, 50 years or more into the future. To do “the right thing” we need clarity on the policy framework within which we do our business" said WBCSD President, Bjorn Stigson at the Bali Global Business Day.
"You have made a clear statement that you stand ready to deliver"
"I firmly believe that the engagement of the business sector in fighting climate change is crucial... An international climate change deal for the post 2012 period should therefore be designed in a way that makes sense from a business point of view. But first we need political agreement on the launch of negotiations on such a new climate deal. And that has to happen this week here in Bali" said UNFCCC's Executive Secretary, Yvo de Boer, during his opening remarks at the Bali Global Business Day.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Jagat Natha Temple Bali

Jagat Natha Temple Bali

One of the most beautiful temples of Denpasar is the Central Pura Jagat Natha, at the Northeast corner of Puputan Square. This this temple comes alive at the full moon ceremony, when worshippers from all over the city gather to bring offerings and devotions. On the main street of Denpasar, its restful shade and gnarled frangipani trees offer a welcome contrast to the hubbub of city traffic. Also, you’ll find the market temple, Pura Melanting, where busy vendors pause

Bali Traditional and Bali Art

Bali Traditional and Bali Art Villages

Baha Village Bali
The population here is dominated by workers and the traditional farming community, who own wide rice fields, and by the ...

Celuk Bali
Balinese jewelry is unique, and Celuk is the home of much of it. Nearly every family in Celuk is involved in some aspect....

Mas Village Bali
This is a village specializing in woodcarvings of any kind. Most of the prominent wood-carvers of Bali dwell in Mas vill...

Tenganan Bali
Protected for centuries from the outside world by its surrounding walls, the village of Tenganan has maintained its anci....

Batubulan Bali
Just outside of Denpasar, on the road to Ubud, is a small village where stone statues line the roadside in a impressive ...

Krambitan Bali
The village of Krambitan, southwest of Tabanan, was once an extension of the ruling Raja’s court and is still a cultural....

Petang - Pelaga Village Bali
Located 800 meters above sea level, about 45 kilometers north of Denpasar at the northern most point of Badung Regency. ....

Ubud Bali
Famous for its paiter’s community, Ubud is special in more ways than one. It has its own magic, and its particularly ...